porn damages relationship

Does pornography damage relationships?

Research shows that pornography weakens commitment in marriages. You may ask why? It builds a wrong opinion of what your body looks like and what sexual attitude means. A sexual relationship should be a mutually gratifying expression.

But for some, this isn’t so.

New research reveals deeper concern and pain. What if your partner wants to watch porn regardless of how you feel about it? Will this singular attempt at sexual pleasure affect your relationship? Is it a threat to your partner? Should your partner accept that watching pornography is normal?

In fact, a lot of people argue that porn is part of society. People also argue that you shouldn’t fuss about it. To them, porn is just another type of fun. But have you should consider these questions:

Do you know that viewing pornography can traumatize your partner? Do you know that watching porn can influence your emotions and relationships going forward? According to research, about 40 million Americans visit porn sites regularly. But it’s not only the men, women too! About 13% percent of those visitors are women.

But, people who claim that watching pornography isn’t a serious issue are wrong. It’s a big deal because it takes away the emotional and physical intimacy in genuine relationships gradually.

Consider these facts:

  • Trust is the foundation for healthy relationships

Getting intimate with someone means getting vulnerable. Trust guarantees that your partner will appreciate that vulnerability and respect you. But if your partner invites strangers into the intimate realm meant for the two of you, it destroys that trust. Damaged trust needs hard work and time to heal

  • The solution to a lasting relationship is the couple’s ability to create emotional intimacy

Remember affection adds meaning to a relationship, not sexual intimacy. People believe that sex is the main binding factor in relationships. Although this myth is widespread in our sex-obsessed society, emotional intimacy is what makes you or your partner feel cherished, valued, loved and appreciated.

If emotional intimacy is roused between two people, it increases sexual satisfaction. You don’t need to examine elsewhere for other forms of sexual entertainment.

  • Pornography builds illogical expectations about your partner’s sexual attitude.

Studies show that Pornography weakens the commitment in relationships as it creates a wrong impression of a relationship is. Research also shows that those who use pornography have love deficits in their lives. Often, they come from broken homes without love and affection.

Bottom line

No doubts, people get exposed to porn, but people with love deficits are more drawn to porn. If you turn to porn frequently to get excited, it will become an uncontrollable behavior. Over time, it may turn into an addiction. If you’re fighting to stop the act, don’t give up! You can get these strangers out of your mind and even the bedroom! Your relationship may depend on it.