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How to Improve Quality of Sex?

If you are having issues with sex, you are certainly not alone. The majority of men are in search of ways to enhance their relationship by improving their sex life.

While some persons resort to sexual enhancement drugs, there are many simple ways you can improve your sex life without resorting to drugs.

Your sexual health can influence your overall mental, emotional and physical well being. Improving your quality of sex is one of the ways you can build a healthy lifestyle.

The door to your body functioning is your heart, ensure that your heart is in good health by exercising regularly.

Here are tips for a better and enjoyable sex life for yourself and the partner.

  • Regular Exercise

You can keep your cardiovascular health active by having regular exercise. During sexual intercourse, your heart rate will increase, but exercising regularly will keep your heartbeat in a normal condition. You can improve your quality of sex by running, swimming or walking for 30-40 minutes daily.

  • Talk about sex

You should spend time just talking about sex in your relationship. This shouldn’t necessarily happen on the bed. It could be during a ride back home or when you are having dinner.  You can say something like “what do you have for me tonight?”.

  • Spend more time in foreplay

Most men think that foreplay is not necessary for sex. However, it will interest you that with adequate foreplay, you may not rely on an erection to please your partner especially when you are having erectile issues. Problems with erection give you the chance to try new and exciting stunts on the bed. Foreplay involves kissing, touching, and oral sex. Your sexual experience can be greatly improved if both of you spend more time in foreplay.

  • Communicate with your partner

During the periods of sexual dysfunction between couples, communication could be seriously affected. There could feelings of shame, guilt, hurt and more. The first step to better sex life is to initiate a dialogue. This helps in building an emotional bond. Find the right moment to talk with each other, perhaps about mismatched sexual feelings. Approach sexual problems as an issue that affects both of you, and can only be solved together. Let your partner know about everything you are facing. Stay positive and confide in each other.

  • Reduce Stress

All areas of your body, including the penis, can be affected by stress. Your blood pressure and your heart rate could be increased by stress and both can affect your sexual performance negatively. Suffering from psychological stress can limit your ability to maintain an erection or reach orgasm. While exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, talking to your partner about it can make you calm. It is important to know that bad habits such as alcohol abuse and smoking could be triggered by stress.

  • Avoid bad habits

Habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption can limit your ability to perform sexually. Stimulants from these substances can limit blood flow to the penis and consequently lowers your libido. Avoid bad habits by increasing your sleep time or exercise.

  • Eat healthy food

Foods like onions, garlic, chilies, and peppers are known to increase blood flow. Even though they may not smell good but eating them will improve your quality of sex. Bananas can lower your blood pressure while chilies and other spicy foods will boost your blood circulation and reduces the risk of inflammation.

  • Abstain a bit

One of the best ways you can increase your sexual performance is to stay for some weeks without sex. You will discover that the next encounter becomes more fun and exciting when you abstain for a while. As a rule of thumb, abstinence will make you have it more until you climax.

  • Let her lead you

In many instances, men always take the lead in bed. Sometimes, you will have better sex if she takes charge. Allow her to lie on top. Give her the chance to practice any new position she may have learned with you.

  • Practice self-care

Avoid cases where you injure the penis. This usually happens when your partner is on top or when you miss the vagina during the attempt to penetrate. When you feel uncomfortable in any position, switch gears with your partner. Settle down and do it right. If you observe any injury, visit a doctor.

  • Masturbate

If you observe that you are having premature ejaculation, some practice with sex can help. You can last longer on the bed by practicing with masturbation. Be careful with how you masturbate; take it slowly and try to stop when you feel like letting it out only to continue again. It may not be perfect at first, but with time you will discover how effective this secret works.

  • Try the start and stop method

This technique is very useful if you want to last longer on the bed. You may practice it at first with your hands before trying with your partner. This technique involves a sudden cease in all sexual activity once you feel like ejaculating. Take a deep breath and then begin the thrust slowly. Sometimes you will have to withdraw from the vagina and then insert again. With this method, you can train your mind on how to hold off ejaculation even when you are enjoying the sex intensely.

  • Try something new

When you are in an environment of passion, sexual pleasure will increase. You can spice up your sex life by trying new routines like beach sex, kitchen or couch sex with your partner. Take yourselves out to see a movie, football match, or visit the museum. These things can help you stay connected in the bedroom.

  • Take some herbs

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, the herbal remedy can be of great help. Herbs like Pinus pinaster, Maca root, saffron, Tribulus Terrestris, and others are known to boost sexual performance in men. However, consult your doctor before taking any of these herbs. Herbs can be detrimental to your health if it is taken wrongly. You should take the herbal remedy after you must have exhausted all the tips listed above.