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Is Erectile Dysfunction a Psychological Problem?

Right now one of the most common issues among men is erectile dysfunction which is also known as ED. For those who don’t know, ED is the inability of a person to keep his penis erect enough for sexual function. According to research, a total number of 30 million men alone in the United States is suffering from erectile dysfunction and this problem is growing at a rapid pace with the passage of time.

ED cannot be referred as a disease, in fact, it would be more convenient to call it a condition that disturbs one’s sexual life. Believe it or not, there are couples out there who aren’t enjoying a happy married life just because the husband suffers from ED and he cannot keep himself erect for sexual pleasure.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are reading this article at the moment then you probably are looking for a legit answer to the question, “What causes erectile dysfunction?” and chances are that even you are suffering from this condition at the moment. Now, honestly, there are various reasons when it comes to ED. Sometimes it’s because of a heart disease, sometimes it’s obesity and in some cases it’s the diabetes that’s causing the problem. However, research shows that men who smoke a lot or those who have excessive drinking problems, even they suffer from erection problems at some stage of their life.

The causes we just mentioned above are probably “known” in the world already but what people don’t know is the fact that sometimes ED is less of an erection issue and more of a psychological problem. Yes, you read it right and we are now going to explain how both these things are interlinked.


It is an undebatable fact that psychological issues come with different physical effects and well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that anxiety plays a vital role in our body’s performance. In fact, most of the men suffering from ED have anxiety issues, their heart rates are all pumped up all the time, they are confused and they aren’t able to focus on one thing which is why they don’t get erections.


Stress is a part and parcel of everyone’s life and well, you just can’t get rid of it easily. You might even be stressed about a presentation at work tomorrow and that stress can be enough to destroy your sexual pleasure as you won’t have an erection.

Performance Issues

Again a psychological factor, sometimes men are so excited to get in bed with their significant other and satisfy them that they fall a victim to performance anxiety. For example, questions like, “Will I be able to satisfy her?”, “Will she leave me for another man if I don’t give her enough pleasure?”, “Will she make fun of me if I won’t be able to last long in bed?” keep on popping in their heads and that’s exactly what causes ED.

Overall Verdict

It wouldn’t be right to put all the blame on the psychological factors because as said earlier, erectile dysfunction can be an issue that starts with obesity, diabetes and smoking etc. But if we talk about majority of the men then know that yes, it’s just the stress, the anxiety and the depression that’s becoming a hurdle for you in your sexual life.